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There are 20 hectares under vine with 19 organic vineyards situated in Touraine across in the Vallée du Loire-sur-Cher in Bourré, Choussy and Oisly.

There are three main soil types. In Bourré, Tuffeau terroir (marine sedimentary limestone formed ~100 million years ago) mixed with loose and flinty clay, mica and sand builds of texture and minerality; and Silex (~65 million years old) flint terroir stores and reflects heat, producing restrained, linear, gunflint-mineral wines with acidity and spice.

Choussy and Oisly vineyards are both on sandy topsoil sitting on top of a thick layer of excellent smectite clay adding the varietal flavours and aromas.

The semi-continental climate of the region – chilly night and warm days – allow for slow and complex ripening.

The wines are grounded in the Loire Valley terroir, using modern, organic winemaking and organic and biodynamic viticulture practices – to pursue a pure expression of Sauvignon Blanc, from its original home, the Loire.