Our commitment to eco-sustainability, organic and environmentally-responsible principles is driven by The Levins’ interest in traditional and handcrafted wine production.

Our experience is that, without artificial interventions and nurtured in a healthy ecosystem, our vines are more resilient, the grapes are more complex and the resulting organic wines are more nuanced.

The vineyards are farmed organically with viticultural practices which although labour intensive, are designed to respect all environmental aspects in both the vineyards and winery.

In 2005, LEVIN Wines began to use biodynamic pulverizations and green fertiliser to stimulate the microbiological life into the soils and improve the vines’ natural immunity system.

Certified Organic by the exacting French certification body Ecocert. The internationally-recognised certification ensures traceability throughout the supply chain and as is quite rare, LEVIN Wines is certified in both the vineyards and the winery:

ecocertEcocert No. 64932 / 12P

New fields are planted with the best quality root stocks and clones, while the 40 year old vines have been retrained to adopt the same organic methods.

Our practices include leaf plucking and cover cropping (to improve soil fertility and increase bio-diversity) we also capture rainwater for use throughout our winery, underpinning LEVIN Wines aim of protection of the environment.

We adhere to a strict soil conservation program utilising no-till agriculture technique, which helps reduce erosion, revitalize the soil structure and soil microbiology and improves the terroir.

The high open spaced trellising and hand leaf plucking delivers more direct sun exposure allowing the grapes to fully ripen on the vine. The increased air circulation results in healthier and more naturally resilient vines.

When harvested, the increased sugar and flavour content of the grape, balances with its naturally high acidity to create a harmonious blend.